Things Mike said

If people truly can outlive their physical lives through their writing then thank goodness for Mike’s writing. It’s really the only way I knew him, having only met him a handful of times but having talked extensively over Facebook chat. Continue reading “Things Mike said”

A creative choice

An open letter to James Rhodes, pianist (in reply to his article).

James, on the off-chance you do read this (since I’m going to tweet you a link to it!) I don’t know you at all, of course, and please forgive my direct way of addressing you here – it just feels more comfortable, and easy, and inspiring to write straightforwardly in the second person rather than making an abstract response into the void – but it’s more a response to ideas I read between your lines rather than any specific commentary on your own life or experiences.

Continue reading “A creative choice”


The more I talk and think about actually, concretely starting to write creatively, the more it feels that I’m being dragged over a precipice. The more I feel the need to write, the more preoccupied by it I become and the more difficult it becomes not to start. Continue reading “Plotting”

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