Hours and hours

Hours and hours

Every time I send a tweet I think about who might be reading it, where it is going, what the purpose of it is and what it means. I think of it visually. Continue reading “Hours and hours”


Conservation and change in Nidderdale

Here’s the full text of an opinion piece I’ve drafted for the Friends of Nidderdale AONB newsletter – where it did end up, albeit in edited down form. I thought I might as well archive it here. It was a bit of a spontaneous rant inspired by the paradoxical nature of the word ‘conservation’. Continue reading “Conservation and change in Nidderdale”

Choirs old and new

Sadly I’ve decided to stop singing with the Clerkes in York, an excellent and fun chamber choir which I have been a member of for six months. While I’ve enjoyed the time I have spent, and I’ve tried various things to make it work, it’s just too much; and I think there’s a skill in identifying when something is no longer good for you (even something, paradoxically, which is fun and fulfilling). It’s all about balance, and identifying the moment when the scales tip. Continue reading “Choirs old and new”