Libraries and jobs

I was touched at the warm response to my new articles published today on You say over-qualified, I say under-qualified… and to a greater extent, My Love Affair with Libraries. I wrote these pieces in a coffee shop on the spur of the moment – they were originally going to be only one piece, but it became clear as I was writing that the library article was taking on a life of its own, and wanted to have its own space. That spontaneity is probably what appeals. Thank you to those who commented.

New writing elsewhere

I have a few new written pieces to pass on which have just gone online: a personal piece about my experiences of having a baby during my PhD, which is my fourth blog post for; and a few thoughts about sexism on my personal site. I tend to use my personal website for writing which falls outside the professional sphere in which I work, and which is written purely for my own enjoyment or out of personal interest.

A few new pieces of writing

I’m now guest blogging for, a website and jobs listing for graduates, about the student and graduate experience. My first post, “Because it’s there…” has just been published. Although I’m only 32 and am determined to consider this young, I’ve come to terms with the fact that most of my posts are likely to be hashtagged ‘mature’.

Also, a second news article for Making Music has gone live, about the abcd Annual Convention for choral leaders. Even though I’m very much only a choir member, the whole weekend sounds fascinating, with lectures on voice techniques and choir management as well as fun musical interludes including barbershop and pub carols.