Twitter successes

Social media consultancy is a growing part of my work and is going well. I launched a Twitter account for the Friends of Nidderdale AONB on the 18th September, and seven days later the account has 75 followers. The Brimham Rocks Twitter account is followed by 679 followers as of today. I became responsible for the account almost exactly three months ago, on the 25th June when there were just over 200 followers. The Twitter account for Making Music Yorkshire and North East had 40 followers on the 29th August when I was given responsibility for the account, and today has 145 and growing.

I’m obviously thrilled at the success of these and I’m finding Twitter great fun to use and a very positive experience. I’m also enjoying the interactions within the local community that come from running Yorkshire-based accounts across different areas of the arts and heritage sector. It suits the non-profit sector perfectly, because it’s a type of marketing based on friendly interaction and genuine positive feeling. There’s no place for hard-sell here and it is a medium which is ideally placed to support the values of non-profit organisations and promote their activities.

I’m currently working on social media training presentations for the non-profit sector and I’m very happy to hear from any organisations or groups who might want to know more about what I offer.

National Trust staff profiles

More articles have gone online for Brimham Rocks including two staff profiles, of the Community Ranger and the Countryside and Community Manager. There are more to follow now that the Our Work section of the Brimham website has gone live. These were fun to write! In fact, both pieces were originally much longer but are here in their concise versions. The image of Sophie walking the dog in her dressing gown around ‘her’ rocks on an evening is a lovely one.

Field work beckons…

I compiled this ‘Local Area’ page for Brimham Rocks last week. It involved writing the content, and finding local pubs with good online reputations, to make a listings section. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet had the chance to personally test these pub recommendations… I think developing this section through personal experience might have to be a long term project this year. Professionalism demands it!

Bouldering at Brimham Rocks
This is me trying out bouldering for the first time…

Incidentally, researching and writing the climbing article (which included a visit to Harrogate Climbing Centre), combined with a photo opportunity day where all staff gave ‘bouldering’ a try, made me keen to try climbing for real, too. Climbing followed by a Yorkshire pub lunch: now that’s a plan!

I will be at Brimham on Friday to complete work on the ‘Our Work’ section and to edit some staff profiles I wrote a few months ago into a suitable style and length for the site. Hopefully this section will increase visitor engagement with the site and might even help in recruiting outdoors volunteers to support the National Trust countryside team in their conservation work.