Social media training for classical music

On Sunday 12th May 2013 I’ll be attending Middlesbrough’s Accompany series, which is a fantastic programme of events designed to promote and support classical music initiatives in the North-East of England. Continue reading “Social media training for classical music”


Twitter networking events – a complete guide

Go here for a list of social media events, days and times arranged by day; Go here for an interactive map arranged geographically (Northern England only at present).

While on the surface Twitter appears to be much simpler than Facebook (posting a tweet does ostensibly resemble Facebook’s status updates, but with a 140 character limit) there is definitely a sense that you’re tweeting into a void. What should you tweet about? Who are you tweeting to? At least with Facebook, there’s a concrete sense that you are talking to your friends.

In this post, a draft chapter from an e-book I am preparing, I explain how social media networking events work, and give an idea of the etiquette involved.

Continue reading “Twitter networking events – a complete guide”

Just like two women

Francis Cabrel is one of my favourite singer-songwriters, coming from the region of France where I lived for ten years. I learnt much of my French from his songs, as he writes with a great deal of intelligence and poetic sensibility and love for language and music – in the best tradition of la Chanson Francaise but also set apart from it.

His new album, however, has raised some questions and for me it’s an opportunity to think about translation a little. Continue reading “Just like two women”

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