Things Mike said

If people truly can outlive their physical lives through their writing then thank goodness for Mike’s writing. It’s really the only way I knew him, having only met him a handful of times but having talked extensively over Facebook chat. Continue reading “Things Mike said”


First question. Why would a person desire to kill a beautiful, majestic creature like this. Why would they spend £32,000 in order to be able to kill it. Why would skinning it and taking its head be important. How can we even begin to understand such behaviour from our own species. As so often in life, I want to try to turn David Attenborough (valuing all life and its behaviours) on the peculiar species to which I so often feel I only tenuously belong. Continue reading “Cecil”

Double negative

Some of the most annoyingly cliched advice that people prone to depressive thinking receive is to “think positively”; “just be positive”; “look on the bright side”. As if optimism could be artifically made; as if you could somehow fake or whitewash your experiences and feelings; as if pretending would make things better. Continue reading “Double negative”

A creative choice

An open letter to James Rhodes, pianist (in reply to his article).

James, on the off-chance you do read this (since I’m going to tweet you a link to it!) I don’t know you at all, of course, and please forgive my direct way of addressing you here – it just feels more comfortable, and easy, and inspiring to write straightforwardly in the second person rather than making an abstract response into the void – but it’s more a response to ideas I read between your lines rather than any specific commentary on your own life or experiences.

Continue reading “A creative choice”


The more I talk and think about actually, concretely starting to write creatively, the more it feels that I’m being dragged over a precipice. The more I feel the need to write, the more preoccupied by it I become and the more difficult it becomes not to start. Continue reading “Plotting”

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