Twitter for classical music

Due to popular demand, here’s an online version of some of the points we discussed at #AccompanyMbro on Sunday.

Writing your strategy document – see some general advice here, but below are some specifics for you to consider including, both for your benefit, and for the benefit of anybody else who might take over the account in the future on behalf of your group.

Music groups: why tweet?

• increase visibility of your group in the community and searchability on the internet: direct aims including both recruitment of performing members and of audience for concerts
• to support and help publicise existing partners, which could be conductor, venue, musicians, funding bodies…?
• keep up to date and abreast of news, opinion and current affairs connected to local music and culture issues
• participate in the promotion of music and culture in the local and wider area; perhaps promote a certain composer or musical genre or period
•To keep your group’s website up to date and show that you are an active group, not only within twitter itself
Music groups: what to tweet about?
• Concerts, events, sell tickets
• Retweet or respond to responses and feedback from audience and performers
• Report on day to day life of rehearsals, music, artistic decisions, feelings, experiences, friendship, socialising, venues, travel
• Seek out accounts which might retweet your information and follow them, retweet and converse with them
• Retweet and help promote direct partners (venues, conductor, musicians) and friends (other music groups, other cultural ventures, non-profit, arts and heritage, tourism, local organisations and businesses)
Links, guidelines, tutorials, opinion, further thinking: (A bit American but might be of interest) (Incredibly useful and interesting list, but bear in mind it is now a year old)

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