Writing your social media strategy

I’m running several social media workshops this season, for various types of individuals, businesses and organisations. Here’s a quick post for my session participants (and anyone else who finds it useful!) with some simple ideas about drawing up your social media strategy.

Here is a simple example of a social media strategy to give participants an idea of what they could draw up in terms of guidelines: Firm Friends social media strategy draft

Think about:

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • Who is going to post messages? If several people, how will you work together?
  • What are you going to tweet/post about?
  • How often will you tweet/post?
  • Which sites do you need to be present on?
  • What are your targets in terms of metrics (followers, RTs) and how will you keep track?
  • What are your future actions and timescales?

And I’ve collected some web links with advice and tips about writing your strategy:

It’s helpful to imagine that you are writing the strategy so that someone else can take over from you if you have to stop running the social media. That way, it will be a useful resource in the longer term.

More to come!

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