From urban music to playgroups…

I have held one-to-one training sessions over the last few weeks for a Leeds and Manchester based musician, Vidasonik, who is holding an event shortly.

In the first training session we established the potentials and functioning of a social media identity, including the difference between a personal account and a Page on Facebook, and fleshed out some strategy. In the second session we focused on creating a simple website from scratch using, with social media integration with Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud, where the musician was already hosting some recordings. We’ve also looked at Facebook apps for musicians, and set up initial contacts and strategy for the operation of the Facebook artist Page and the Twitter account.

This week I’ve also been working on the website of the Dacre Banks Pre-School Playgroup in Summerbridge. The site runs on I’ve started with a purely technical remit for now (and a little bit of proofreading!)

I have started by getting to grips with the design (by going through what felt like an infinity of themes, but was probably more like 30 or so – the live preview wasn’t functioning due to a faulty setting in the server, so I had to activate each theme and examine its settings in order to do a proper assessment). I’ve chosen a simple but powerful theme in the end, which is highly customisable, and simplified and refreshed the look of the site by keeping it mostly white and clean, and using images from the playgroup’s lovely outdoor setting as background and header.

I’ve updated the interactivity of the site by installing plugins for social media widgets and sharing buttons (Facebook and Twitter are up and running and active). I have also repositioned much of the content, transforming posts into pages and restructuring menus and categories.

The next task will be to revitalise the content, and source relevant, interesting and fun images and news from the playgroup staff. Since it’s a lovely happy place, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem!

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