Twitter successes

Social media consultancy is a growing part of my work and is going well. I launched a Twitter account for the Friends of Nidderdale AONB on the 18th September, and seven days later the account has 75 followers. TheĀ Brimham Rocks Twitter account is followed by 679 followers as of today. I became responsible for the account almost exactly three months ago, on the 25th June when there were just over 200 followers. The Twitter account for Making Music Yorkshire and North East had 40 followers on the 29th August when I was given responsibility for the account, and today has 145 and growing.

I’m obviously thrilled at the success of these and I’m finding Twitter great fun to use and a very positive experience. I’m also enjoying the interactions within the local community that come from running Yorkshire-based accounts across different areas of the arts and heritage sector. It suits the non-profit sector perfectly, because it’s a type of marketing based on friendly interaction and genuine positive feeling. There’s no place for hard-sell here and it is a medium which is ideally placed to support the values of non-profit organisations and promote their activities.

I’m currently working on social media training presentations for the non-profit sector and I’m very happy to hear from any organisations or groups who might want to know more about what I offer.

3 thoughts on “Twitter successes

  1. Another week on, and @FriendsNiddAONB has 111 followers, @NTBrimhamRocks has 757, and @MakingMusicYNE has 163. I may become a bit (more) of a geek, and draw up some graphs!

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