A new look…

I’ve given two of my sites an aesthetic revamp (this one, and Yorkshire Language Solutions). I think the result is a major improvement. I’m not too sure about the background here, still, and might have another look at it. I wanted a background image which complemented the colour scheme of the theme I’ve chosen, and so far the best I have found is a close-up of an artwork by Clare Woods. I do still want to use the header image, a picture of my son running down a country track in our village, but it is all Yorkshire autumnal browns and greens, and doesn’t really go. Well, although fun, this will have to be put aside for now.

3 thoughts on “A new look…

  1. Very nice! I like the colours and the “creased paper” graphic. The new menu at the top right is good too(though I might be tempted to reorder it).

    My only minor comment is that the background image isn’t very wide, so it tiles, which produces a strange stripe on the right-hand edge of my screen when the browser window is maximised.

  2. Wow – you must have a very wide monitor. I can see the stripe at the bottom when it tiles as I scroll down, but no chance of seeing the right hand one. I see about 5cm of the background either side of the white panel, on my laptop, and I don’t see the tiling. I’ll make the image a bit bigger.

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