Field work beckons…

I compiled this ‘Local Area’ page for Brimham Rocks last week. It involved writing the content, and finding local pubs with good online reputations, to make a listings section. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet had the chance to personally test these pub recommendations… I think developing this section through personal experience might have to be a long term project this year. Professionalism demands it!

Bouldering at Brimham Rocks
This is me trying out bouldering for the first time…

Incidentally, researching and writing the climbing article (which included a visit to Harrogate Climbing Centre), combined with a photo opportunity day where all staff gave ‘bouldering’ a try, made me keen to try climbing for real, too. Climbing followed by a Yorkshire pub lunch: now that’s a plan!

I will be at Brimham on Friday to complete work on the ‘Our Work’ section and to edit some staff profiles I wrote a few months ago into a suitable style and length for the site. Hopefully this section will increase visitor engagement with the site and might even help in recruiting outdoors volunteers to support the National Trust countryside team in their conservation work.

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